Voice to Email – Spinvox

I have recently came across a great free service called Spinvox.

What Spinvox allows you to do, is dial a phone number and you are then prompted to leave a message. This voice message is then converted into text and can then be either emailed to you, update your blog, or can be sent as a text message and email to your friends.

After testing this I have found that as long as you speak at a normal sort of speed and speak clearly the service works very well.

This service is free to use. You just pay for the cost of dialling the access number. The main one I have used is the voice to email and this is a standard UK national number so included in the free minutes on my mobile call package.

You can find out details on Spinvox here


Spinvox also offer a pay service for voicemail.
When this is activated any voicemails you receive are converted into text and then emailed to you.

You can find out details on the voicemail options here


To find out in Spinvox is available in your country click here


If you use this service, drop me a line to let me know how you get on.


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