Test your Blackberry

I was recently told about this and its just great if you need to test your Blackberry/run diagnostics on it.

To do this on your blackberry, click on options, and then click on status, then type in the word


From the Menu select start

Then just follow the on screen prompts.


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Google Preview for Firefox

This Add-on gives you thumbnail preview images of web sites in your Google Search results.


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Blackberry Service Books – What are they & What do they do

This is a great link that explains what Blackberry Service Books are and what each of them does


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PC Decrapifier 2.0 now available

I first mentioned PC Decrapifier here


Here’s a quick summary

When you buy a new pc it is normally loaded with lots of trial software and bloatware that you don’t actually need and can slow the pc down.

This utility will allow you to select what trial sofware and bloatware you would like to remove from your pc and it does it all for you

You can now get version 2.0 here


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Web Search Strategies in Plain English

Another great video from Commoncraft on better ways to search the web

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Great Video using Ipods

Thanks to Chris Brogan for this one.

This is a great way of using Ipods

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Febe – Backup your Firefox Extensions

If you are someone like me who uses a lot of firefox extensions, it can sometimes be a real pain when you have to reinstall them after installing Firefox.

Well, there is an firefox extension called FEBE which allows you to backup/restore all of your firefox extensions.

Mozilla Add ons Page


Developers FEBE Page


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Upgrade the firmware on your Blackberry

The latest firmware for the non Blackberry Bold users, for example people (like me) using a Curve or a Pearl is 4.5. You may want to upgrade to this to allow you to use the cut down version of Documents to Go.

Here is the link to the Blackberry site where you can find the link to get your software


For some reason they don’t include O2 (UK) on the list so here it is


If you are aware of any other not included on the list please add them in the comments, thanks.

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Blackberry – View inside IPD Files – £/€/$

When you connect your Blackberry to your computer. You have the option to take a backup of your Blackberry.The file that is created on your computer is an IPD file.

I have found a great piece of software called ABC Amber Blackberry Converter which allows you to view inside this file and convert to other formats.

You can trial the software free for 30 days, to buy the software it costs



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Openoffice 3 Release Candidate 2 now available

OpenOffice release candidate 2 now available for download


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