Microsoft Windows 7 – Useful Links

Now that the Windows 7 Beta has been out for while (come on Microsoft, it works, just get on and release it, don’t wait until August!). I thought I would just collect a few useful web links together to do with Windows 7 that you may find helpful

Microsoft Windows 7 – Product Site

This is the main Microsoft link for everything to do with Windows 7


Microsoft Windows 7 Technical Library Roadmap

A great Windows 7 Resource from Microsoft


Paul Thurrott’s Winsupersite

Paul’s site should be your fist port of call after Microsoft. His knowledge and experience of Windows is amazing


Paul Thurrott on Windows Weekly

Paul discusses all things Windows and normally gives out a Windows tip (currently Windows 7) on his Weekly podcast on Leo Laporte’s Twit Network – Windows Weekly


Tweaks and Enhancements for Windows 7

This is a great blog post with lots of tweaks and enhancements for Windows 7


Windows 7 News

Catch up wth the latest news, rumours, screenshots and video’s on Windows 7 here


Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows 7

This is a technical preview of Kaspersky’s Anti Virus program for Windows 7



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