Great Video using Ipods

Thanks to Chris Brogan for this one.

This is a great way of using Ipods


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Peace One Day – September 21st

The name says it all. A day of peace around the world

You can visit the Peace One Day website here


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New Microsoft Adverts – I’m a PC & Windows vs Walls

Here is the latest in the Microsoft TV Adverts

Here is the print campaign that is going to be running as well

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Great Song about Twitter – “You’re No One If You’re Not On Twitter”

For anyone who follows people on Twitter this song is for you.

The song is by Ben Walker.

You can find out more about the song here


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Compaq, Intel and Hewlett Packard

Following on from my recent posting of the new Microsoft Adverts here link

I decided to have a look back through the archives to see if I could find any better adverts where famous people have been used to promote computer products on TV.

Here are the first couple of adverts I came across from the 1980’s starring John Cleese promoting Compaq

As with all this adverts I am including here I think they do a very good job of getting the message across, in a short space of time, unlike the recent Microsoft Adverts

This next one is more recent with famous people promoting Intel

As Jerry Seinfeld is in the new Microsoft Ad’s I thought it would be worth including this one that he did for HP

So come on Microsoft, you really could do something great with your adverts. Perhaps its time to rethink before you do any more

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New Microsoft adverts with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld

Here are the new Microsoft Adverts with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld.

1st Advert – Shoe Circus

2nd Advert – The Family (Long uncut Version)

I have to admit so far I am completely underwhelmed

But is it any better or worse than what they produced for Windows 95…

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Great Advert from HP for the Touchsmart PC

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Mobile Broadband USB Dongle

I have been reading the recent review in the current copy of PC Pro Magazine (UK) for USB Mobile broadband. So following on from this I have now managed to get my hands on a USB broadband dongle for the 3 network.

It looks to be quite good so far. After I have carried out some more testing I will report back on what its like.

If anyone is looking at getting one of these devices on a contract I would recommend going via one of the cashback websites to help with the costs. These will help reduce the overall cost of the device and rental. I would recommend using as a starting point for this.

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