Free Website, Domain Name, Web Hosting and 100 Email Addresses from Microsoft

Microsoft are currently offering 500MB web space, web hosting, a free domain name (either one or two years depending on the option you select, see below), and 100 email addresses all for free. Nominal charges will apply after one or two years depening on which domain option you select. The offer is targeting Small Business but is open to anyone.

Domains available
Sign up and get a custom domain free for the first two years. Alternatively .com, .net, .info or .org also available and free for the first year.



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Evernote – Store and search notes & pictures online

Evernote is a great way to get yourself organised.

Evernote is basically a store on the web that you log into and can save you text and pictures from documents, the internet, or basically just about anywhere.

Evernote allows you to store all this information both in text and pictures and then makes them all searchable. So if there is any text in the pictures Evernote will pick that up.

You can access Evernote via the internet, mac or pc client, emailing documents and pictures to your evernote account, or via a mobile device.

For a more detailed explanation please view the video below

If you would like to see more video’s on Evernote click the link below


To go straight to the Evernote Website and register click the link below


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Humyo – 30GB Free on-line storage – access it from you pc or mobile

Humyo allows you to store up to 30GB free online and then access it from your PC or Mobile device.

The Premium version allows you to store 100GB for £39.99/€49.99/$79.99 per year.


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Jungledisk – Online storage application for Amazon S3 £/€/$

Jungledisk is a software application that provides an easier way of using Amazon’s S3 online storage.
Jungledisk maps a drive to your Amazon S3 area, which means that when you want to access it, you just double click on the drive letter in My Computer.
Very simple and easy to use

Find out about Amazon’s S3 Service here

Find out about JungleDisk here

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Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) £/€/$

Amazon S3 is a simple and inexpensive online storage solution. When combined with the Jungledisk software it’s a very easy way of backing up your data onto the Internet


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