View inside Blackberry IPD Files – Magicberry

Magicberry is a great free utility that allows you to view Blackberry IPD files




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Blackberry Utility – Jl Cmder

JL Cmder is a great free utility to allows you to do a lot more things with your Blackberry including the following from your pc

  • View Blackberry device Information
  • Get screenshots of the Blackberry
  • View the event log on the blackberry
  • Remove any corrupted files from the Blackberry that may be causing JVM Error’s
  • Wipe the Blackberry
  • Reset it to Factory settings


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Blackberry Online Technical Seminar – December 3rd 2008

The Blackberry online technical seminar is back. If you are just interested in Blackberry’s or administer/develop apps for them. There is sure to be something here that will be of interest to you.

“Register Now for the BlackBerry Technical Seminar

The BlackBerry® Technical Seminar is back this fall with breakthrough new sessions you won’t want to miss! Managing and extending applications to your mobile users, overcoming development hurdles; and leveraging mobile technology to create new opportunities for your business – if it’s about getting the most from your BlackBerry solution, you’ll find it at the BlackBerry Technical Seminar.

Attend free from the comfort of your own office

This free online event gives you the opportunity to build your BlackBerry solution administrator and developer knowledge without ever leaving your desk. Join us from your PC, pick and choose your sessions, ask questions of the experts, and save presentations and demos to view again later or share with your colleagues”


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Blackberry Device Simulator

Available free from the Blackberry Website are Blackberry Device Simulators. These allow you to create a virtual blackberry on your pc. Very handy if you want to try out or test some applications.

You can also restore Blackberry IPD files back onto these, which will alow you to view contacts etc. Very Useful


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Help find your Car with your Blackberry – Carfinder

This is a great little free utility for your Blackberry. You will need to have GPS on your Blackberry to use this.

Sometimes if you park your car at the airport, or in a large car park you can easily forget where you have parked it.

By using your Blackberry and a program called Carfinder you can easily record the GPS location of your car, and then be guide by a compass and/or maps to find your car again.


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Test your Blackberry

I was recently told about this and its just great if you need to test your Blackberry/run diagnostics on it.

To do this on your blackberry, click on options, and then click on status, then type in the word


From the Menu select start

Then just follow the on screen prompts.

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Blackberry Service Books – What are they & What do they do

This is a great link that explains what Blackberry Service Books are and what each of them does


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Upgrade the firmware on your Blackberry

The latest firmware for the non Blackberry Bold users, for example people (like me) using a Curve or a Pearl is 4.5. You may want to upgrade to this to allow you to use the cut down version of Documents to Go.

Here is the link to the Blackberry site where you can find the link to get your software


For some reason they don’t include O2 (UK) on the list so here it is


If you are aware of any other not included on the list please add them in the comments, thanks.

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Blackberry – View inside IPD Files – £/€/$

When you connect your Blackberry to your computer. You have the option to take a backup of your Blackberry.The file that is created on your computer is an IPD file.

I have found a great piece of software called ABC Amber Blackberry Converter which allows you to view inside this file and convert to other formats.

You can trial the software free for 30 days, to buy the software it costs



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Berry Locator – Find your Blackberry by sending an email £/€/$

Berry Locator is a great bit of software that will help you find your Blackberry.

Once installed all you have to do is email your blackberry and it will sound an alarm and flash, even on silent, to help you locate it.

If your Blackberry has GPS on it, you will be emailed details of where it is.

This is a must have for all Blackberry users.

Pricing is as follows



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