Replace Outlook Attachments with Hyperlink

Sometimes Outlook email can become cluttered with lots of attachments. There is now a great free utility which allows you to save your outlook attachments and then replaces them with a hyperlink to the location where they are.

You need to install the software while outlook is closed. It then adds an additional toolbar into outlook. You can then select either one email, folder or multiples and click on the button, you would then see something similar to the following screen.

For more info


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Genuine Email or Phishing Email – Can you tell the difference?

Most of us have at some point or other received some spam or Phishing emails.

Well, this is a great online quiz from Sonicwall to see if you can tell the difference between Phishing emails and genuine ones


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Get your favourite RSS feeds emailed to you as a pdf

This is a great site where you enter your favourite rss feeds, along with your email address and the frequency when you would to receive the emails. Teh site will then pull your rss feeds in adn convert them into a pdf and email them to you


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Phishing Scams in Plain English

Another great video from Commoncraft explaining about phishing scams

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Voice to Email – Spinvox

I have recently came across a great free service called Spinvox.

What Spinvox allows you to do, is dial a phone number and you are then prompted to leave a message. This voice message is then converted into text and can then be either emailed to you, update your blog, or can be sent as a text message and email to your friends.

After testing this I have found that as long as you speak at a normal sort of speed and speak clearly the service works very well.

This service is free to use. You just pay for the cost of dialling the access number. The main one I have used is the voice to email and this is a standard UK national number so included in the free minutes on my mobile call package.

You can find out details on Spinvox here


Spinvox also offer a pay service for voicemail.
When this is activated any voicemails you receive are converted into text and then emailed to you.

You can find out details on the voicemail options here


To find out in Spinvox is available in your country click here


If you use this service, drop me a line to let me know how you get on.

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Tips for speeding up Microsoft Outlook 2007

Handy document with tips for speeding up Outlook 2007

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Simplyfile – Essential Outlook Add-On £/€/$

Simplyfile is what I would consider to be an essential Outlook add-on.

Instead of having to create rules in outlook and then maintain them when things change. If you use Simplyfile it can learn where emails should be stored and can adapt when things change.

Another useful feature is with a single click you can change an email from HTML to Text. This is so useful when you receive an email and are not sure where the weblink is trying to take you. By click on the HTML2TEXT button you are able to see the full web link. Very useful.

I have just shared two of the features of Simply File. Here is a list of features from the site

  • Files messages to the right Outlook folder with one click of a mouse.
  • Uses an advanced algorithm to learn and adapt to your filing habits.
  • No configuration wizards, no manual setup, no rules to maintain. It just works!
  • Works on sent and received messages.
  • Removes Outlook’s “New Mail” icon when filing a message
    (small things like that make a huge difference in usability).
  • Saves sent messages in any Outlook folder, including Public Folders.
  • Turn messages into Tasks and Appointments with one click of a mouse.
  • Easily convert HTML messages to plain text format.
  • Highly optimized for speed and size (Download is only 560KB).

You can download the software as a free 30 day trial to see what you think.

Pricing is as follows



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Xobni – Great Add-on for Outlook now out of closed beta

This is an add on program that runs within outlook and allows you to better manage your contacts, emails, files sent and received.

I first mentioned this on this blog on 13th April, where at that time it was in closed beta.

It is now no longer in closed beta and can be downloaded from the link below


There is an interesting article about Xobni in the New York time. Here is the link for it


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Outlook + Twitter = OutTwit

A great add-on for Outlook which allows you to keep updated with Twitter from with Outlook


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Fraudwatch International – Keep updated about Phishing emails

On the Fraudwatch International site you can check what current phishing emails are circulating around and also sign up to an email alert. So you know when new phishing emails are coming out

If you don’t know what a phishing email is then click the link below for more info


Here is the link for Fraudwatch International


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