Remove multiple Applications – Glary utilities

Sometimes it can be annoying when you want to remove several applications from your machine and to have to to each one one at a time via the control panel can be a real pain. I have recently come across a utility called Glary Utilities which allows you to remove multiple applications at once but also includes lots of other features



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PC Decrapifier 2.0 now available

I first mentioned PC Decrapifier here


Here’s a quick summary

When you buy a new pc it is normally loaded with lots of trial software and bloatware that you don’t actually need and can slow the pc down.

This utility will allow you to select what trial sofware and bloatware you would like to remove from your pc and it does it all for you

You can now get version 2.0 here


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Convert files between different formats online for free

Zamzar is a free website, where you can upload files and get them converted into different formats, or you can enter a weblink such as youtube and it will convert the video on the website to a downloadable file format of your choice.

Here is a list of the different formats you can convert between link

Here is the main website link

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Google Translate Automatically Detects and Translates Languages

Google now has a great feature for translating web pages or text that you type in.

Currently the system support just over twenty languages


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USB Autorunner – Auto run your programs on the USB Stick

Utility that allows you to autorun programs from your USB stick when attached to the pc.


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Boottimer – Check the boot time of your pc

Nice little utility that will, after your pc has rebooted, display how many seconds it took to boot.


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Typeracer – Check your typing speed

This is a fun way to find out how many (or few) words you can type per minute


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Autoruns – Find out what runs at startup

Autoruns is a great program from Sysinternals (Now Microsoft) which displays what programs run at startup. Very useful


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DoubleKiller – Remove duplicate files from your pc

A great little utility for removing duplicate files from your pc


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Auto Reboot Remover – Stop autoreboot of your pc after windows updates

Some windows updates require your pc to be rebooted for them to complete the installation. The reboot normally happens automatically usually just when you are in the middle of working on a document or spreadsheet.

This utility stops the automatic reboot of your pc. Which allows you to complete your work and reboot the pc when you are ready.


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