Learn about WordPress

This is  a  great new resource for learning how to do things on WordPress



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Find people on Social Networking sites – yoName

With so many social networking sites out there it can sometimes be difficult to find which social networking sites people use.

This handy search engine searches across blogs, and social networks


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Can you run it? – Computer Games

If you are someone who plays computer games, it can be annoying when your computer just doesn’t meet the specification needed to be able to play the game.

With this website you can select a computer game from the list, the site will then check the specification of your pc and will show if you meet the minimum or recommended specification for the game.


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Watch BBC iPlayer on your PC or Ipod at any time

While the BBC iplayer is very good, it can be annoying that you can’t watch programs on an ipod or watch them again later on a Windows PC.

Well this is a great program which gets around this problem.

The authors website and program download can be found here


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Genuine Email or Phishing Email – Can you tell the difference?

Most of us have at some point or other received some spam or Phishing emails.

Well, this is a great online quiz from Sonicwall to see if you can tell the difference between Phishing emails and genuine ones


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Blackberry Online Technical Seminar – December 3rd 2008

The Blackberry online technical seminar is back. If you are just interested in Blackberry’s or administer/develop apps for them. There is sure to be something here that will be of interest to you.

“Register Now for the BlackBerry Technical Seminar

The BlackBerry® Technical Seminar is back this fall with breakthrough new sessions you won’t want to miss! Managing and extending applications to your mobile users, overcoming development hurdles; and leveraging mobile technology to create new opportunities for your business – if it’s about getting the most from your BlackBerry solution, you’ll find it at the BlackBerry Technical Seminar.

Attend free from the comfort of your own office

This free online event gives you the opportunity to build your BlackBerry solution administrator and developer knowledge without ever leaving your desk. Join us from your PC, pick and choose your sessions, ask questions of the experts, and save presentations and demos to view again later or share with your colleagues”


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Download Youtube Video’s to different formats

Some people have reported problems with the original Youtube converter that I mentioned here


I have now found another excellent site for downloading Youtube video’s to the format of your choice, its called convertmytube. It allows you to put in the link of the youtube video that you want to convert, and then choose the format you would like to download the video in. You can find convertmytube here


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Get your favourite RSS feeds emailed to you as a pdf

This is a great site where you enter your favourite rss feeds, along with your email address and the frequency when you would to receive the emails. Teh site will then pull your rss feeds in adn convert them into a pdf and email them to you


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Qwitter – Find out when people stop following you on Twitter

Find out when people stop following you on twitter, just enter your twitter id and you will be informed when people stop following you on twitter


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