Google Preview for Firefox

This Add-on gives you thumbnail preview images of web sites in your Google Search results.



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Febe – Backup your Firefox Extensions

If you are someone like me who uses a lot of firefox extensions, it can sometimes be a real pain when you have to reinstall them after installing Firefox.

Well, there is an firefox extension called FEBE which allows you to backup/restore all of your firefox extensions.

Mozilla Add ons Page


Developers FEBE Page


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Synchronise your bookmarks across several pc’s in Firefox – Foxmarks

Trying to keep you favorite books in sync across several pc’s can sometimes be a real pain. Well there is a great add-on for Firefox that solves this problem. It is called Foxmarks. It takes a copy of your bookmarks and stores them up on the internet. All you have to do is install the Foxmarks add-on onto any pc where you would like to access your bookmarks and problem solved.


For a list of all the features of Foxmarks, click the link below


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Twitter updates in Firefox

Twitterfox is a great extension that allows you to view Twitter updates within Firefox


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