View inside Blackberry IPD Files – Magicberry

Magicberry is a great free utility that allows you to view Blackberry IPD files




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Replace Outlook Attachments with Hyperlink

Sometimes Outlook email can become cluttered with lots of attachments. There is now a great free utility which allows you to save your outlook attachments and then replaces them with a hyperlink to the location where they are.

You need to install the software while outlook is closed. It then adds an additional toolbar into outlook. You can then select either one email, folder or multiples and click on the button, you would then see something similar to the following screen.

For more info

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Get Music off your Ipod with Sharepod

It can be a real pain when the hard drive on your computer dies. Especially when all your itunes library is lost as well. If you still have the music on your ipod it’s not as bad as it first appears.

There is a great program called Sharepod. It can be run on any pc, you don’t need to have itunes on the pc.

When you run it, it connects to your ipod and then allows you to just click and drag music from your ipod to your pc


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Free Website, Domain Name, Web Hosting and 100 Email Addresses from Microsoft

Microsoft are currently offering 500MB web space, web hosting, a free domain name (either one or two years depending on the option you select, see below), and 100 email addresses all for free. Nominal charges will apply after one or two years depening on which domain option you select. The offer is targeting Small Business but is open to anyone.

Domains available
Sign up and get a custom domain free for the first two years. Alternatively .com, .net, .info or .org also available and free for the first year.


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Blackberry Utility – Jl Cmder

JL Cmder is a great free utility to allows you to do a lot more things with your Blackberry including the following from your pc

  • View Blackberry device Information
  • Get screenshots of the Blackberry
  • View the event log on the blackberry
  • Remove any corrupted files from the Blackberry that may be causing JVM Error’s
  • Wipe the Blackberry
  • Reset it to Factory settings


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Microsoft Windows 7 – Useful Links

Now that the Windows 7 Beta has been out for while (come on Microsoft, it works, just get on and release it, don’t wait until August!). I thought I would just collect a few useful web links together to do with Windows 7 that you may find helpful

Microsoft Windows 7 – Product Site

This is the main Microsoft link for everything to do with Windows 7


Microsoft Windows 7 Technical Library Roadmap

A great Windows 7 Resource from Microsoft


Paul Thurrott’s Winsupersite

Paul’s site should be your fist port of call after Microsoft. His knowledge and experience of Windows is amazing


Paul Thurrott on Windows Weekly

Paul discusses all things Windows and normally gives out a Windows tip (currently Windows 7) on his Weekly podcast on Leo Laporte’s Twit Network – Windows Weekly


Tweaks and Enhancements for Windows 7

This is a great blog post with lots of tweaks and enhancements for Windows 7


Windows 7 News

Catch up wth the latest news, rumours, screenshots and video’s on Windows 7 here


Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows 7

This is a technical preview of Kaspersky’s Anti Virus program for Windows 7


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Backup your Google Chrome settings

This is a handy tool for backing up your Google Chrome settings and bookmarks, if you need to transfer them to another pc or just rebuild your current one


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Learn about WordPress

This is  a  great new resource for learning how to do things on WordPress


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Find people on Social Networking sites – yoName

With so many social networking sites out there it can sometimes be difficult to find which social networking sites people use.

This handy search engine searches across blogs, and social networks


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