Get Music off your Ipod with Sharepod

It can be a real pain when the hard drive on your computer dies. Especially when all your itunes library is lost as well. If you still have the music on your ipod it’s not as bad as it first appears.

There is a great program called Sharepod. It can be run on any pc, you don’t need to have itunes on the pc.

When you run it, it connects to your ipod and then allows you to just click and drag music from your ipod to your pc



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Download Youtube Video’s to different formats

Some people have reported problems with the original Youtube converter that I mentioned here


I have now found another excellent site for downloading Youtube video’s to the format of your choice, its called convertmytube. It allows you to put in the link of the youtube video that you want to convert, and then choose the format you would like to download the video in. You can find convertmytube here


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Great Video using Ipods

Thanks to Chris Brogan for this one.

This is a great way of using Ipods

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Online Scanner for portable device usage on your pc or network

Handy on-line utility to shows what portable devices have been connected or are connected to your pc or pc’s on your network


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Disc Recovery/Repair with SpinRite £/€/$


If you ever need to recover any data from a hard drive. Your first place to look should be SpinRite. This program can get data back on just about anything. I have even heard how someone fixed over twenty ipods by running spinrite on them.


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