Phishing Scams in Plain English

Another great video from Commoncraft explaining about phishing scams


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Blackberry Device Simulator

Available free from the Blackberry Website are Blackberry Device Simulators. These allow you to create a virtual blackberry on your pc. Very handy if you want to try out or test some applications.

You can also restore Blackberry IPD files back onto these, which will alow you to view contacts etc. Very Useful


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Remove multiple Applications – Glary utilities

Sometimes it can be annoying when you want to remove several applications from your machine and to have to to each one one at a time via the control panel can be a real pain. I have recently come across a utility called Glary Utilities which allows you to remove multiple applications at once but also includes lots of other features


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Help find your Car with your Blackberry – Carfinder

This is a great little free utility for your Blackberry. You will need to have GPS on your Blackberry to use this.

Sometimes if you park your car at the airport, or in a large car park you can easily forget where you have parked it.

By using your Blackberry and a program called Carfinder you can easily record the GPS location of your car, and then be guide by a compass and/or maps to find your car again.


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OpenOffice 3.0 Now Available

Openoffice 3.0 is now available to download


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